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What is an Online Customer Experience Audit and Why You Need One

I’m going to be honest. I spent about 20 minutes trying to come up with some witty, memorable anecdote to illustrate the idea that all websites serve a purpose and why you need be sure that your site is doing it properly, but I had nothing. Then I got an email from a client that said,

“This [the audit report] is really great. Clear, actionable items that I can systematically implement. Thank you.”

I decided to let go of my amazing anecdote fantasy (the story was going to be so amazing if I could have thought of it) and let this testimonial speaks for itself. Let me tell you a little more about what this client was referring to.

What is an Online Customer Experience Audit?

When you have a website made, it usually does something. You may want to sell a product, provide information, raise awareness, raise money or do any number of things. Unless we are talking about a website like FallingFalling.com (Epilepsy warning…not kidding) or KoalastotheMax.com, there is a specific experience you planned to provide for your audience that likely affects your bottom line in some way.

How do you know what visitors think when they land on your site? Are you showing them what you want them to do and how you want them to do it?

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Perfect Balance is a Lie: 5 Practical Steps to Avoid Going Crazy…Like Certifiable

Sometimes I have really tough weeks. Who doesn’t right? Honestly, one person’s tough is another person’s cake walk, but who are we to judge the validity of someone’s situation? I talk about professional and personal balance a lot. Mainly because it is the only way I do what I do, but perfect balance is a lie.

My tough is real for me, and I have found that my tough is the toughest when my constants and my variables collide on me at the same time.

What do I mean?

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Free Online Resources for February
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February Resource Roundup: 5 Free Online Resources to Help with Your Brand

I know I have said this before, but I will say it again. I LOVE FINDING NEW COOL STUFF ON THE WEB. Seriously…it’s like my version of school supplies which I used to enjoy (understatement) while in school. So at the end of each month, I will give you a little report on the cool stuff I find. This month you will see the ULTIMATE free stock photo resource, help with Twitter, and a few other super helpful tools and resources. Oh and did I mention that this month features all FREE resources. I did? Moving on.

Check out the first four round ups from January: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 and Week 4.

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3 ways to upgrade the look of your brand
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3 Quick Fixes to Upgrade the Look of Your Brand + Free Design Planning Sheets for Logos and Business Cards

After having a fourth baby, (fix your face…it wasn’t that bad), there were times when I would look in the mirror and think…something needs to change fast. Unfortunately, slow and steady does the trick when changing your physical appearance, but when it comes to your business, there are some quick fixes you can employ that can make a major change.

I understand that your main concern is producing a quality product and satisfying your clients and customers (as it should be), but just satisfying the customers you have isn’t enough. You have to attract new ones and positive first impressions are a step in the right direction.

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7 True Clichés while changing my brand
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The Rebrand Diary Entry 2: 7 Clichés that have Proven True While Changing my Brand

“It is a cliché that most clichés are true, but then like most clichés, that cliché is untrue.” -Stephen Fry

It seems like all the cool people use clichés. It also seems that the people we deem “cool” in our society are clichés themselves, but that’s another post entirely!

I mean think about it…

Kelly Clarkson reminded you that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger…stand a little taller” and Notorious BIG said “first things first, I Poppa. Freaks all the honies.” (Couldn’t help myself) Of course I don’t want to be called Big Poppa and I definitely don’t freak all the honies, but I like what BIG did here. He told you who he was and what he was about first and foremost. So apparently clichés have their place in this world.

You already heard why my brand had to change in the first rebrand diary entry, so now here are a few clichés that have stood true for me as I continue on this journey towards my new brand.

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